Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Big Show! August 31, 2007

Despite a late rally by Scott, and much charm from Eve, 'twas the redoubtable Craig Cackowski who will embark on his 4-month comedy cruise 40 clams richer. Buy us some trinkets in Nassau, Cacky!

And if it was special guests you wanted, boy did last night's Forty deliver! Disillusioned Patti Smith enthusiast Mother Teresa! Tomboyish, over-it neighbor kid Terri McCardle! British Parliamentarian Something Something-Something! Disgusting, illness-inducing Sal Minella! Plus, Dave and Scott on their high horse over this Larry Craig kerfuffle! Oh, what a night.

We're up for the next 2 Fridays, then we're taking a break before coming back in October with our New! Fall! Season! Come be a contestant:

Times Square can't shine as bright as you. We swear it's true.

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