Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Big Show- June 7, 2007

Did you feel a little festival magic in the air on Thursday? We sure did! Ooh wee.

In one of the toughest match-ups in Friday Forty history, Jill Alexander and Opus Moreschi proved no match for the Monster Energy Drink-chuggin', news-knowin' skills of our Alex Fernie. Good on ya, Alex! Now get some sleep.

And boy oh boy, did we have special guests! "Studio 60"'s superfan #1! Bitsy, the girl who's funny all the time! Cody and his new boyfriend Zack! Mr. Energy! Two tons of fun, folks.

Best of all, we got to be one of Opus' new things. Go. Read.

Next show: this Friday, 10pm. Wanna be a contestant? Drop it:

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