Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Second Singles By One-Hit Wonders Part Two: Kajagoogoo Overcomes Its Shyshyness

In 1983, Kajagoogoo set junior-high-mixer dancefloors aflame with "Too Shy," in which they asked the eternal question: "You're moving in circles; won't you dilate?"

Contrary to popular belief, they didn't stop there. In fact, they continued to be popular in their native England, which is a fun fact to bring up when a British person tries to act smarter than you.

Their second single, "Ooh To Be Ah," did not catch on in the States, due perhaps to the fact that it's titled "Ooh To Be Ah."

Here it is. The shocking display of hair in this video blurs the line between London and Paramus, NJ.

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