Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Big Show- May 18, 2007

She's beautiful, she's talented...and now she's $40 richer.

The lovely Tami Sagher was victorious in a nail-biter of a show last night, beating Jim Coughlin by a scant 2 points. There was also someone named Kara there. Thanks to one and all!

And did we ever have guests! Our nosy Hollywood neighbor Gladys dropped by with her famous Apple Brown Betty (her secret: just a pinch of Ecstasy). Ryan Phillippe displayed his emotional range. Every Hipster popped in on his way to Cahuenga. And we got a good look at the kind of guys who are auditioning for ABC's "Cavemen." Fun show all around.

Next show: June 1, 10pm. Plus, we have a special Thursday night show on June 7 during the 5th Annual LA Improv Festival; more info here.

And in celebration of the non-renewal of "According To Jim," please play along with our lightning round: "ACTUAL LINES FROM 'ACCORDING TO JIM,' OR SHIT WE MADE UP IN 2 MINUTES?"

1) “If I wanted light beer, I’d hold a flashlight up to the bottle!”
2) “I’m trying to stay Switzerland.”
3) “No way, Jose! This (points to posterior) is an exit, not an entrance!”
4) “Everyone, circumcise your watches!”
5) “That’s the great thing about you, honey. (under his breath) You remember every freakin’ thing I say.”
6) “You don’t even know me anymore! We should have more sex.”
7) “I couldn’t remember which fork to use, so I just ate with my hands.”
8) “Okay, I stucked the cat in the freezer.”
9) “I don’t want to go with you and do things women like to do. I’m a man, so I’d prefer to do things men like to do. You can understand that, can’t you? I’m sorry, we
should have had this conversation years ago; we could have avoided countless misunderstandings.”

(Actual lines: 2, 4, 5, 6 and 8)

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