Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Second Singles By One-Hit Wonders: Toni Basil shops 'til she pops/locks.

Tonight, we introduce a new regular feature here at thefridayforty.com: a terrifying glimpse into the darker side of nostalgia, a nice glass of lemonade at the corner of hubris and indifference, a digital snapshot of the moment when the wheels flew the fuck off. Ladies and gentlemen, Second Singles By One-Hit Wonders.

And where else could we start?

In 1982, Toni Basil made the world her wide-hipped cheerleader with the smash hit "Mickey." For her follow-up single, Toni chose to cement her position in the pop pantheon by exploiting the then-burgeoning trend of...grocery shopping. (Fuck, you guys- remember GROCERY SHOPPING?) Like all enduring art, "Shoppin' A to Z" reveals a basic human truth: both good and bad girls need groceries. Enjoy.

And trust me: [SPOILER ALERT] At 2:18, when Toni realizes she's lost her list, and says "OH NO," you will too.

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